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Conplast SP365 - High workability maintenance admixture

High workability maintenance admixture. Dosage: 0.5-1.6 % over cement weight.


Conplast SP365 is a multi-strand plaster additive with superplasticizer effect of high performance, free of chlorides, based on a mixture of specially selected organic polymers. It is supplied as a solution which is instantly dispersed in water.

Conplast SP365 disperses the fine particles in the mixture, enabling the water content in the concrete to act more effectively.


To reduce significantly the water in a concrete mix, without reducing the workability and to provide an increase of the early and last resistances without additional cement.
To significantly improve the workability of the concrete without increasing the amount of water.
To obtain concrete with a low water / cement ratio and high maintenance of workability.
To reduce the permeability of concrete and therefore the penetration of water and increase durability.


Used in the production of fluid concrete, it allows faster placement and compaction and a reduction of costs.
The reduction in the water / cement ratio increases the durability, producing a low permeability concrete.
Chloride-free, suitable for use in prestressed and reinforced concrete.


Conplast SP365 complies with UNE-EN 934-2: 2010 Tables 3.1 and 3.2 as a high activity / superplasticizer water reducing additive.

Typical dosage

The optimal dosage of Conpalst SP365 to achieve specific requirements must be determined by tests using the materials and conditions to be used in practice.

The usual dose will range from 0.5 to 1.6 liters / 100 kg of cementitious material.

When a combination of results is required, such as an increase in workability coupled with a reduced water content, the combination with other Fosroc Euco additives may be considered.



Ficha técnica Conplast SP365

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