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Cebex 130 - Powder air entrainer, plasticiser and set-retarder for dry mortar

Powder air entrainer, plasticiser and set-retarder for dry mortar. Dosage: 0.1-0.5% over cement weight.


Cebex 130 admixture for mortar is an air-entraining, plasticizing agent in powder form, which is added to mortar (or cement previously) for laying bricks or plastering.  With a base of polymerized resins, it is guaranteed chloride-free.

Cebex 130 is specially designed to be used in dry mortar, which is supplied to work sites in ready-to-use silos, after being mixed in worm gear.

It is indicated for mortars with high fines content sands, avoiding the rapid drying of the mortar.

  • It increases the adherence of the mortar. It prevents the mortar flopping onto the face of the wall.
  • It leads to the reduction of both water and cement in the sand/cement admixture.
  • It enables the maximum degree of plasticity to be achieved.  The mixture is workable for a longer period of time.
  • As the mixture is more workable, the bricks can be laid in less time.
  • Due to the volume produced by the air occlusion, a smaller quantity of sand is required to achieve the same volume.
  • It is not necessary to add lime or clayey sands to increase the plasticity.
  • Due to the retarding effect, it avoids the risk of shrinkage in the plaster.


Ficha técnica Cebex 130

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