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Auracast 280 - Admixture for precast concrete admixture

Suitable admixture for precast concrete admixture. Dosage: 0.2-2.0% over cement weight.



Auracast 280 is a new generation additive with a high water reducing power that provides high performance concrete to all ages. Auracast 280 is particularly suitable for making concrete with a low W/C ratio.

Used at the same consistency, it allows a strong reduction of kneading water and thus obtain high mechanical strengths in the short and long term. Its accelerating hardening effect is particularly beneficial for the stripping / demolding at early ages.


  • Suitable for ready-mix concrete.
  • Prefabricated concrete in which an excellent surface finish is required.
  • Concrete pretensioned of high end resistances.
  • Specially designed for precast concrete segments where high initial strengths are required.
  • Suitable for precast concrete steam cured.
  • For the manufacture of self-compacting concrete.


  • High power reducer.
  • Important improvement of both initial and final resistances.
  • It provides a very compact and good looking exterior.


Auracast 280 complies with the standard UNE-EN 934-2: 2010 Tables 3.1. And 3.2. As high activity / superplasticizer water reducer.

Meets the requirements of ASTM C494 for Type A water reducing additives and for high-grade type F water reducers.

Typical dosage

Optimum dosing of Auracast 280 to achieve specific requirements should be determined by testing the materials and conditions under which it will be practiced.

This dosage can range from 200 to 2,000 ml per 100 kg of cementing material. As a starting point a dose of 800 ml on weight of cementing material can be used. For prefabricated segments or segments for tunnels, the most suitable dosage ranges from 200 to 2,000 ml on weight of cementing material.



Ficha técnica Auracast 280

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