Concrete repair and protection

European Standard UNE-EN1504: Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures replaces individual national standards, providing an integrated framework for the repair industry in Europe.

This Standard covers all phases of the process to repair concrete from the evaluation of the initial problem to the repair methods, the recommended work practice and the product specifications to ensure the future integrity of the structure.

Fosroc experts can help specifiers, customers and contractors to apply Standard UNE-EN 1504, developing appropriate solutions and specifying the best materials to ensure adequate repair and protection of concrete.

  • EN 1504-1 - Definitions and terms
  • EN 1504-2 - Concrete surface protection systems
  • EN 1504-3 - Structural and non-structural repair
  • EN 1504-4 - Structural Adhesion
  • EN 1504-5 - Concrete injection
  • EN 1504-6 - Steel reinforcement anchors
  • EN 1504-7 - Protection against reinforcement corrosion
  • EN 1504-8 - Quality control and conformity assessment
  • EN 1504-9 - Principles for the use of products and systems
  • EN 1504-10 - Applications of products and systems and quality control of work

Using the definitions contained in the UNE-EN1504-1 standard, parts 2 to 7 focus on the product specification, classifying materials by their properties and relevant test methods. These sections not only provide the principles for manufacturers who design products, but also provide specifiers and designers with an exact profile of properties so that they can compare and select products.

Part 8 describes how manufacturers should operate a permanent factory production control system that is subject to an annual audit to maintain quality and assess conformity.

Part 9 sets out the general principles for concrete repair systems and part 10 details the on-site procedures for carrying out a repair program. The Fosroc technical department is always ready to offer help and advice on any technical problem that arises during the repair project.

The range of Fosroc Renderoc mortars provides adequate solutions to the wide variety of problems that cause damage to the concrete. These monocomponent products are available in the 4 classes specified in Standard UNE-EN1504-3 for structural and non-structural concrete repair products:

Non-structural products

  • R1 class ≥ 10MPa
  • R2 class ≥ 15MPa

Structural products

  • R3 class ≥ 25MPa
  • R4 class ≥ 45MPa

This basic classification is for resistance to compression. In all other ways, additional tests are required for each product depending on the application that is used.

Principle 3 (CR) Concrete restoration

  • 3.1. Manual mortar application
  • 3.2. Filled with concrete or mortar
  • 3.3. Projection of concrete or mortar

Principle 4 (SS) Structural reinforcement

  • 4.4. Adding mortar or concrete

Principle 7 (RP) Conservation or restoration of the passivate

  • 7.1. Increased coating with mortar or additional concrete
  • 7.2. Replacement of contaminated or carbonated concrete

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