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Cebex CP - Admixture for cementitious grouts for pre-stressing cables

Admixture for cementitious grouts for pre-stressing cables. Dosage: 1.0-2.0% over cement weight.


Cebex CP is supplied as a powder additive. The material is a combination of additives that allow the use of a low water / cement ratio with the consequent increase in strength and durability.

An expansion that prevents the natural settlement and plastic retraction of the grout helping to its stability and cohesion, and at the same time completely eliminating the segregation and exudation of the grout.

Of similar characteristics to Cebex NK (See descriptive sheet)


The recommended dose will depend on the type of cement and the desired W/C ratio. As an orientation, the dose ranges from 1.0% to 2.0% s.p.c.

Effects of overdosage

An over-dosing of Cebex CP increases the fluidity of the slurry and can cause air occlusion.


The surfaces that are to receive the slurry should be prepared by guaranteeing clean, healthy and previously saturated substrates of water. The surface with free expansion should be minimized. Place the grout within 20 minutes of mixing in order to maximize the expansion process. The usual methods of placement or pumping shall be adopted so that the application is continuous.

The slurry obtained with Cebex CP can be pumped up to 2 hours after being made, depending on the type of cement and the temperature.



Ficha técnica Cebex CP

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