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Auramix 359 - Admixture for general purpose in ready-mixed concrete

Admixture for general purpose in ready-mixed concrete. Dosage: 0.3-2.0 % over cement weight.


Auramix 359 is a new generation additive with a high water reduction power without loss of workability or performance. It allows the production of highly fluid concrete.


  • Specially designed for the production of cast concrete in plant.
  • Additive very versatile, suitable for use in synergy.
  • For all types of concrete that require a normal period of workability, important initial strengths and high performance.
  • For the preparation of concrete projected by wet.


  • High power reducer.
  • N Important improvement of the mechanical resistance both initial and final.
  • N Provides stable and robust concrete avoiding large fluctuations in workability when little water is added.
  • N It allows the production of extremely fluid concrete intended for installation without the need for vibration.


Auramix 359 complies with the standard UNE-EN 934-2: 2010 Tables 3.1. And 3.2. As a high activity / superplasticizer water reducer.

Typical dosage

The optimum dosage of Auramix 359 to achieve specific requirements should be determined by tests using the materials and conditions under which it will be practiced.

This dosage can range between 0.30 and 2.0% s.c., for synergies with plasticizers. When used only the dosage will be between 0.5% and 1.5% depending on the type of concrete to be manufactured. For flowable concrete the mean dosage would be about 0.8%.



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