Structuro 352 - Admixtures for ready-mixed concrete

New product

Admixtures for ready-mixed concrete. Dosage: 0.5-2.0% over cement weight.

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  • Designed to be used as an only product in premixed concrete in plant.
  • Versatile admixture, suitable to be used in synergy.
  • For concrete that requires usual workability period, important early strengths and high performance.
  • For the production of wet sprayed concrete.


  • High range water reducing admixture.
  • Important improvement of early and ultimate mechanical strengths.
  • It provides stable concrete avoiding workability fluctuations when little water is added.
  • It allows the production of extremely fluid concrete that can be poured and placed avoiding the need of vibration.
  • It provides the concrete an excellent maintenance of the workability.