Proofex LM - Two component bituminous liquid for Proofex systems

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Cast in-situ waterproof membrane . Protects concrete from attack from chemicals and aggressive ground salts. Bonds permanently to concrete. A comprehensive range of auxiliary products is available to simplify the application process.








Two component bituminous liquid membrane for waterproofing of underground structures and intricate details in conjunction with Proofex waterproofing systems.

Uses and advantages

  • For the waterproofing of intricate details e.g. pipe entries, covings etc
  • For external waterproofing of underground structures 
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces
  • Resists hydrostatic head of up to 70 metres
  • Seamless - flexible with crack-bridging capabilities
  • Simple trowel application
  • Solvent-free - environmentally friendly and harmless to ground water
  • Resistant to aggressive ground water
  • Compatible with Proofex waterproofing systems
Standard compliance Materialprüfanstalt Nordrhein-Westfalen; tested in accordance with DIN 18195, parts 4 to 6. General test certificate No. P-22 1356 8 96-1, MPA Dortmund
Two component bituminous rubber emulsion with special hydraulically hardening fillers



Paste-like (mixture)

Density: Approximately 1.2 g/cm³ (mixture)  while fresh
Pot life:

Approximately 90 minutes at +20ºC

Application temperature: Approximately: minimum +5ºC up to +35ºC ambient temperature
Primer: Mixed material diluted with water 1:10
1 to 3 days depending on temperature, relaative humidity, substrate and layer thickness.
Typical cure time at 20ºC, 60% relative humidity, 3.3 mm coating, is approximately 24 hours. Resistant to rain after 3 hours at +20ºC/65% relative humidity
Resistance: To numerous salt solutions, weak acids and aggressive substances normally existing in soil
Transmisión vapor agua (EN 1931): Resistencia vapor de agua factor u=580.000
Espesor de capa de aire equivalente Sd=400 mC

Application instructions
Substrate preparation
All surfaces to be sealed must be clean and free from all loose particles and all other adhesion inhibiting substances. Mortar residues, laitance, etc., should be removed.
The substrate to be waterproofed may be dry or damp (not shining wet). There should be no standing water on horizontal areas. If the surface is dry, it is recommended that the substrate is dampened by spraying water beforehand. All substrates to be waterproofed with Proofex LM must be primed prior to applying the waterproofing layer. The primer is prepared by diluting one part Proofex LM (premixed product) with ten parts of clean water and applied by brush. Once priming is complete, the first coat of Proofex LM can be applied straight away.
Macro-porous substrates with cavities require a scratch-coat of Proofex LM to avoid bubble formation or risk of blistering. The scratch-coat should be left to dry for 1 to 2 hours before applying the next layer.
It is recommended that, where required, each full first coat of Proofex LM is left to dry overnight before applying a second coat.
Proofex LM kits consist of exact quantities of two components contained within the same pack. The powder component is carefully mixed into the liquid component by means of a slow speed drill with paddle until it forms a homogeneous, paste-like compound of uniform colour.
Application by trowel
Proofex LM is applied by steel float in one or two even layers depending on the maximum loading. To avoid crack formation the applied material must not be worked on, once the coating starts to dry.
In areas with extreme loadings (covings, edges and pipe penetrations) the material has to be applied twice. Fosroc recommend the use of a Proofex LM mesh allowing 10mm overlaps between the first and the second coat.
Application temperatures
The pot life of Proofex LM is at least 90 minutes at +20ºC and normal humidity. Higher temperatures shorten while lower temperatures lengthen the pot life.
Protection of the waterproofing
The structure may only be backfilled after complete curing of the waterproofing layers has taken place. Sharp objects should not come in contact with the membrane.
The completed installation may be protected as required with Proofex Protection Board.
Proofex LM should not be exposed for prolonged periods. The cured membrane should therefore be protected from the elements (including sunlight) if the product will be left exposed for several weeks.
Suitable noise, heat and mechanical insulation materials such as styrene and mineral foam may be glued to Proofex LM.